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Our primary goal is to donate monies to one of the designated organizations that we have chosen to help our troops and their families.  However, as a secondary goal, the United Song Alliance willingly offers assistance to local families in need, but we do not directly give money to individuals, but instead make payment to the creditors or those who provide services meeting the individual's specific needs.

The monies available are strictly provided through United Song Alliance projects and fundraising events and therefore money on hand can vary from one day to the next.  That is why we require the use of strict guidelines to help with the choosing process for need.  While it is the ultimate goal to help every person who inquires, we can not guarantee the funds to assist will be available.

Please support our cause by purchasing our CD, DVD and  merchandise, or make a donation in which 100% of the donation(s) will go directly to the assistance of others after processing fees if any apply.


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