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The goal of the United Song Alliance (USA) is to provide local musical talent an opportunity to not only entertain communities, but also contribute to communities based on the theme for that event.
Each year we hold auditions to seek new talent to assist us in our endeavors for that year as well as earn proceeds to be distributed to the organizations or people in need of our choice to help the United States returning soldiers, families and anybody  in desperate need.
The United Song Alliance was developed by Vortexual Dreams Production and Riff Mania Records   to provide a means to give back to the community.  An additional purpose is to allow talented local bands and comedians the opportunity to be heard.  As a result, 50% of the net proceeds earned from the sale of CDs, DVD, Merchandise, Live Performances and other activities directly geared toward raising money for the United Song Alliance project will be given to established organizations and by the United Song Alliance project to Americans in need.


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